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Slave Agent - Alternate Histories CD

  • Slave Agent - Alternate Histories CD

>connection to the Phylactery established

>confirm /incoming/ transmission

>load Slave_Agent_Alternate_Histories.exe, check "Properties"
>>(6) tracks of pounding, melodic thrash madness through the alien civilizations
>>riff parameters: overload
>>mind-disintegrating (6) string shred; fury lvl: max
>>organic/robotic symbiosis

>download Slave_Agent_Alternate_Histories
>>>format: compact_disc

>set distribution uplink date,
Slave_Agent_Alternate_Histories: 1647619200
>>date: Friday, July 1

>run Slave_Agent_Alternate_Histories.exe/
>>fwd: Mythic_Ironworks
>>>execute command, set parameter: "Add To Cart"

>inset note: "CD copies courtesy of Slave_Agent"