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Fester - Silence Cassette

  • Fester - Silence Cassette

From Sunshine Ward Recordings:

"Silence" was originally released in1994 on Austria's classic extreme label, Lethal Records, and took the band in a new direction after the more black metal-oriented "Winter of Sin" album released 2 years earlier. "Silence" is arguably the better of the two records, focusing on moody, gloomy atmospheres and a unique approach to dark melodies. "Silence" is essentially a black metal inspired melodic death metal album, full of hooks and despair. The vocals are a whispered growl, completely unique to the genre, and the album takes you to the deepest, darkest, most desolate forests.

It has been said that "Silence" is a perfect album. We couldn't agree more. Look for the cassette tape soon on SWR, with new improved artwork, limited to just 150 copies! THE RAVEN SCREAMS!!

Cassette available courtesy of the mighty Sunshine Ward Recordings