Autonoesis - Autonoesis Cassette

  • Autonoesis - Autonoesis Cassette

MYTH-000: Mythic Ironworks was but an idea when Autonoesis was unleashed upon the world. Originally released on Bandcamp with no promotion or fanfare, the music spoke for itself: True Metal Of Death–a seamless menagerie of styles that kept the true metal spirit alive while seeking a realization beyond recycling its glory days and nostalgic trappings. Autonoesis is a concentration of the throughline of the death, black, thrash, and traditional metals most heavy; it is an album loaded with infectious pounding riffs, mind-bending shred, and (perhaps above all) inspired songwriting.

Autonoesis exists outside of time and space: it's as unassuming an album as it is a crushing one. It is our esteemed honor to offer this special release in physical format for the first time.

Cassette tape includes slip cover and pin.

Releases September 2nd, 2022

Autonoesis is available to listen on most major streaming platforms and available for digital purchase at